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Jelena Jankovic - Victoria Azarenka 16:50
Nizhny Novgorod - CSKA Moscow 16:30
Simona Halep - Nicole Vaidisova 15:00
Tomas Berdych - Hyeon Chung 14:50
Yu-Hsin Liu vs Mima Ito 12:15
Galia Dvorak vs Hsien-Tzu Cheng 12:15
Thailand U23 v Cambodia U23 12:00
Laos U23 v Singapore U23 12:00
Takuma Ueda vs Srikanth K 11:50
Natalia Perminova vs Nicola Cerfontyne 11:40
Dmytro Zavadsky vs Vladimir Malkov 11:40
Sara Ramirez vs Debora Vivarelli 11:30
Xiaolong Liu / Zihan Qiu vs Mads Conrad-Petersen / Mads Pieler Kolding 11:30
ITF Spain F6 - Yannick Mertens vs Roberto Ortega-Olmedo 11:30
Dora Madarasz vs Carole Grundisch 11:30
Christinna Pedersen / Kamilla Rytter Juhl vs Kaka Tsz Ka Chan / Tse Ying Suet 11:30
Vladimir Ivanov / Ivan Sozonov vs Hiroyuki Endo / Kenichi Hayakawa 11:00
Takuma Ueda vs K. Srikanth 11:00
South Korea v Uzbekistan 11:00
Lucas Claerbout vs Michal Rogalski 11:00
Indra B.A. Chandra vs Adrian Dziolko 11:00
Yana Tie vs Yulia Prokhorova 10:45
Jihee Jeon vs Sarah De Nutte 10:45
Lucas Corvee vs Kestutis Navickas 10:40
Yui Hashimoto vs Pui Yin Yip 10:30
Hirokatsu Hashimoto / Noriyasu Hirata vs Biao Chai / Wei Hong 10:30
Artem Pochtarev vs Matthias Almer 10:20
Lucas Corvee vs Kestustis Navickas 10:20
Xuan Wang vs Hoi Kem Doo 10:00
Saina Nehwal vs Hana Ramadhini 10:00
Tokyo Cinqreves vs Sendai 89ers 10:00
Miyu Maeda vs Barbora Balazova 10:00
ITF Spain F6 - Jaime Pulgar-Garcia vs Oriol Roca Batalla 10:00
Mathias Boe / Carsten Mogensen vs Yilv Wang / Wen Zhang 10:00
Dongbu Promy vs Incheon Elephants 10:00
Korea Expressway Women vs IBK Altos Women 10:00
Wonju Dongbu Promy vs Incheon Elephants 10:00
Korea v Uzbekistan 11:00
EX  vs  PO winner 10:00
Dongbu Promy vs Incheon ET-Land Elephants (KOR) Game 5 if necessary 10:00
BADMINTON::Pedersen, C/Rytter Juhl, K - Tsz Ka Chan/Ying Suet Tse 11:30
BADMINTON::Xiaolong Liu/Zihan Qiu - Conrad-Petersen, M/Pieler Kolding, M 11:30
BADMINTON::Ueda, Takuma - Srikanth, Kidambi 11:00
BADMINTON::Ivanov, V/Sozonov, I - Endo, H/Hayakawa, K 11:00
South Korea - Uzbekistan 11:00
BADMINTON::Hashimoto, Y - Pui Yin Yip 10:30
BADMINTON::Hashimoto, H/Hirata, N - Biao Chai/Wei Hong 10:30
Korea Expressway Corp VB (W) - IBK Altos Volleyball Club (W) 10:00
BADMINTON::Nehwal, Saina - Ramadhini, H 10:00
BADMINTON::Boe, M/Mogensen, C - Yilv Wang/Wen Zhang 10:00
Wonju Dongbu Promy - Incheon ET-Land Elephants 10:00
IBK Altos Volleyball Club (W) - Hyundai Hillstate Volley Club (W) 10:00
BADMINTON::Okuhara, N - Marin, C 09:30
BADMINTON::Prannoy, H S - Axelsen, V 09:30
Melbourne Victory - Central Coast Mariners 09:40
Cycling: Tour of Catalunya 14:30
U20 Germany vs Poland 13:00
Colorado Rockies - San Diego Padres 02:05
Kansas City Royals - Seattle Mariners 01:05
Arizona Diamondbacks - Cleveland Indians 20:10
Chicago White Sox - Chicago Cubs 20:05
Toronto Blue Jays - Detroit Tigers 17:07
Philadelphia Phillies - New York Yankees 17:05
Atlanta Braves - Boston Red Sox 17:05
St.Louis Cardinals - New York Mets 17:05
Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants 02:05
AFL Classic 16:00
Tennis Channel 16:00
MMA Channel 16:00
Masked Republic 16:00
Wrestling Channel 16:00
Football Channel 16:00
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